Thursday, 6 February 2014

Strange Evil Flowers

Rogue metal guerrilla movements migrated to London, like strange evil flowers from a dark lake where nothing is sane, nothing is safe. Super-handy extra free gift wrap-around sunglasses water-effect solar cherubs, pinching and cramping instant easy look add wheels to a vibrant kaftan. Yes, the underside has special suction cups and slip-resistant grippers simply apply before bedtime for a lot of extra style.
Attracts dust like a magnet. Close-up view, flip down, turn about use to protect your identity while your lower body stays in place accept no responsibility perfect for poached diamond dust repel pests forget the frustrations turn it over. Speak rhythmically in rhyming couplets or folk chants.
A Roman flash dance and a cheering crowd in tune with some really beautiful things, a crucial contribution from a maverick mathematician suddenly able to talk. The ideas were brilliant, like some far-out ultra-violent comic book metropolis, dominating the media or some psychotic nemesis. Camp body action involving ape-men and pterodactyls. Unrest and crumbling consensus guaranteed to make you laugh cry puke and develop a nose for drama - don’t miss out on dangerous art oblivious of every level of reality, is there any stopping us?

From 'Rogue Metal', 2012