Monday, 18 November 2013

Ghost Elements


Of this we must and of this we should and of this we might and this we shouldn’t:
the possibilities are endless and open to all kinds of interpretation and misuse.
They turn into those eraser shavings and then you swipe them off your desk
and they land on the floor and someone steps on them and they stick on their shoe.
Of this we should and of this we might and of this we must and of this we shouldn’t,
and now because his family are upset we must all sign their petition to keep him
in a service that we do not even know he is happy about. We recognize the need,
yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications for us all.


The power went out in my whole neighbourhood and then this light appeared in the sky,
invisible to teachers and parents: on this wonderful day, a star of pure love appeared
to be my gift… I'm not speculating about the future, this is the reality here today;
sometimes we have to do a little dance before they open the gates or windows
and it's not going to happen again. The refrigerator will keep food for about four days
as long as you don’t open the door once the power has gone. There are other options.
One is that a breaker tripped but the handle didn't move, the other that you are
obviously holding on to certain secrets. This can be checked by gently pressing on.




If you see something every day it will eventually manifest in your life. A dream
is your creative vision for your life in the future, but one was more faded
than the other. What does this mean? I agreed to have my machine upgraded
and concluded that these mutations do not appear to have a detrimental effect
on virus fitness or economic and policy considerations. We can’t allow evil
into our lives, but we should still pray and hope for peace and righteousness.
Nor dare we make ourselves partners in their devilish ranting. This is a story
not to tell the kids. Stuff like this needs to be taken somewhere else.


The luminous landscape is something you can see in your mind’s eye;
you can understand what you are doing when you are retraining your senses.
Improving your vision is a matter of changing the habitual way you see:
by using your peripheral vision you are using more rod cells, when trying to see
try not to look directly at the places you are trying to see. As you get older
your sight weakens and becomes more like meditation or yoga. It is what we see,
and also the way in which we see. It's time people used commonsense.
Our vision is all about holding the vibration and designing infrastructure.

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Text © Rupert M Loydell 2013
Images © Rupert M Loydell & A C Evans 2013