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Non Fiction 2016-2021


Non Fiction Publications 2016-2021

Aftermath Of Enlightenment From The Gothic to The Hermetic, The Suuplement Issue 99 Nov 2021, Atlantean Publishing, 2021
Cast The World Away Emily Jane Bronte, The Licentiam, 2017
Cast The World Away Emily Jane Bronte, The Supplement Issue 86 June 2018, Atlantean Publishing, 2018
Convulsive Inspiration (Occult Inspiratiion), International Times, Apr 2021
Cultural Seismology, The Supplement Issue 98 Sept 2021, Atlantean Publishing, 2021
Fear Of The Dark, X-Peri Jun 2017
Neither Here Nor There, International Times, Aug 2020
New Psychic Action, X-Peri, Jul 2016
Paradise Deranged, X-Peri, May 2016
Paradise Deranged, International Times, May 2017
Taking Things Too Far; The Bowie Apocalypse, International Times, Jan 2016
Tortured Souls, International Times, Dec 2021
Voices in Denial Poetry and Post-Culture, The Supplement Issue 97 June 2021, Atlantean Publishing, 2021
Why The English Hate Surrealism (Our Sacred Monsters), The Supplement Issue 84 Nov 2017, Atlantean Publishing, 2017

illus: Another Great Wave, 1991